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Maldives – Paradise does exist

Maldives – Paradise does exist

Maldives – Paradise does exist

    SEPTEMBER 2023

    02 to 12 september

    2023/09/07 17:03:12

    El paraíso existe

    Your surf trip dream

    The Maldives are known for being a paradise of white sandy beaches and calm, clear waters, in recent years has become a key tourist spot for surfing, considered one of the best waves for surfing in the world.

    The Malé Atoll is the most consistent region with easy access from the international airport. It is divided into two main areas, North Malé Atoll and South Malé Atoll, with the capital as a central reference point, about 40 minutes from the first peaks of North Malé or Malé Sul. The most surfed and known as Chickens (left), Cokes (right), Honkys (left) Lohis (left), Sultans (right), among others. Perfect lefts and rights with various levels of difficulty.


    We depart for MALE, on a two-stop flight where we will be waiting to head to port.

    We board the boat of your dreams equipped with luxurious wooden cabins and full crew to meet your needs while you find the best waves of your life in the Maldives. 10 days of pure surfing.

    It is a unique experience, is to experience the exuberance and nature of the Maldives in every moment, is to be able to be on top before the sun rises, is to drink a beer on the deck of the boat watching the sunset remembering every moment lived.

    Modrn and luxuruis

    Cabins with single beds, air conditioning and bathroom with shower (hot and cold water) on the Lower Deck.

    Main deck has galley, restaurant, bar, bathroom and lounge with TV/dvd. Camera support with sockets for recharging batteries and a computer with multi-card reader where you can download your cameras.

    On the Sun Deck, outdoor area with teak sun loungers and 5 person jacuzzi on deck area, all for your relaxation after the waves!

    Meal plans

    Full board – 3 meals per day included.

    We are well aware that surfing can work up quite an appetite, so we offer a variety of healthy and tasty local and European meals with an emphasis on fresh tropical ingredients and the highest standards of hygiene. Our culinary team can cater for vegetarians or other special diets, so please let us know if you have any particular requirements.


    Maldivian waves break over flat and somewhat sharp reefs, they can hurt but are not bloodthirsty. They are usually rocky reefs and not live coral. The waves usually break at shallow depths, and generally do not cover much, especially in the inside.

    The water temperature oscillates around an impressive 28º C all year round. No wetsuits, a lycra is more than enough, well, it is rather necessary because the sun hits very hard. The transparency of the water is brutal, the glassy days floating is already an experience. Those days you will see a lot of wildlife: many fish, turtles and even sharks and manta rays.


    Staying on a boat gives a lot of mobility and focuses the trip on surfing, there are not many other options. For this reason, the boat is not ideal to go as a couple if you do not surf, but it is the perfect choice if everyone surfs.

    Price – USD 3380

    Promotional price – USD 2290


    %50 to reserve

    Bank transfer or credit card

    Limited promotion

    Italo Ferreira made this same trip in 2020

    «The best trip of my life»

    Ítalo Ferreira
    World champion 2019

    The same boat